Novembur Hill is a 12 year old entrepreneur living in Atlanta Georgia since 2014. A native of Indianapolis Indiana she decided at 6 years old she wanted to become A world renown super model by the age of 15 and she is well on her way to becoming just that. She's had a lot of Adventures along the way from 6 until now. First starting out with her own jewelry line at 7 years of age, hand made herself, called "Age of Scorpio". Moving on to modeling many Runway shows, here and abroad. To ATL's Hottest fashion Producer for 3 years in a row. She then decided that she wanted to become a hip hop artist. She then formed a group with her sister Danyell called "The D Girls". Behind that Novembur once again decided that she wanted to be the first in history to own her own music distribution and management company. An has done it right now in year 2019. Novembur is more than just a little girl out to have fun with all her friends, she is in the business of creating jobs for her youth and making them accountable for their actions. We hope that you enjoy the website and that you will sponsor and become a part of her making history. Thank you for taking your time to visit our site.

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