Alexander Poma

Well... I was born in Brooklyn New York, nephew to a member of the mob, son of an aspiring insurance agent that liked cocaine with a mother that was a saint. Thank God for her, she definitely was the glue. Anyways, dad couldn’t stop getting high, uncle was doing what he was doing, so we moved to Georgia when I was 6.  Marietta, Kennesaw, and Acworth were my stomping grounds. NORTHSIDE WHERE YOU AT!? Definitely privileged, to be honest, but far from a “privileged white boy,” or so they say. By 13 I found drugs and my “career” took off. By 15 I was selling damn near everything, by 17 I had done everything to excess and I was strung out on coke, and by 19 the coke addiction turned to crack. Probably could have been a college basketball star, or baseball, but dope was more important.  I never saw how blind I was because things came easy to me. The girl, the grades... it was easy. Always had a way with words, which is a blessing and a curse. Regarding the music, it came into the mix during this time, but it is hard to get serious about anything when you’re more concerned with how to sell enough drugs to support a habit. In and out of jail, in and out of recovery meetings, in and out of touch... with everything.  Let me qualify myself to the streets for a second... i’ve been held hostage twice. I’ve had to knock on the door to a kingpin to receive money because his son ran off with a bag, known the guy since I was 7, go figure. I’ve overdosed and been brought back to life. I’ve totaled two cars and shut down I-85 for hours due to the severity of the wreck. I’ve done and mixed almost every drug cocktail known to man, been in the darkest of holes and hottest of traps,  and trudged through sleepless nights, gunfire, robberies, etc etc. Use your imagination. Escorts, sure. Dead friends, too many. I’ve become numb to it all to be honest, because here I am a survivor. It made me who I am.  Along this journey, I met a girl, fell in love, had two beautiful kids, bought a home, had nice things... God’s grace is amazing. I could get right and clean up nice, make a lot of money as a salesman, and I had a great heart. Still, because I couldn’t find myself with all the good around me, I lost the girl I still love, a home, nice things, kids for a time, friends, money... everything. All I had left was a crack stem, me, and a choice. God was there, It was me that wasn’t. We all have a choice. I’m convinced if it wasn’t for that woman and those kids, I’d be dead today 10 times over. This music, it comes from a space you’d have to endure to fully understand. It is a result of life. It is a testimony for the real ones to salute, the youth to be inspired by, and the darkened to receive light through. YOUR DOPE (Dealer Of Positive Energy) is a lifestyle brand, a movement, more than just music. It is about shedding light into any and all situations. It is about bridging the gap between the lost, and the found.  We all, at times, get stuck in between. Myself included, even today. I’m a God fearing man, but this is not gospel. It’s trench-work. It’s flavorful spirit based “gritty God” rap with sauce. It’s a lot of things, but one thing it isn’t, is fake. Verify every bar with me and I can break it down. Not a stitch of fabrication. Thank you Tupac and our predecessors for standing on real music because music today is here and there, not solid like it once was. Shout out to the real ones, you know who you are!  If you like things that count, that come from a real space, and mean something, you need to just tap in and receive the vibe. Because whether you do or don’t, I’m not going anywhere, it’s coming... The Plug chose, and I’m grateful. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s go up, together. Remember, narrow is the path that leads to life, and wide is the one that leads to destruction. Don’t follow the herd. God bless.


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