Black Shawd

Black Shawd released a new hype song that’s going to have you pumped up while you’re feeling the thought-provoking lyrics and tough delivery. “Lost In The Sauce” is a catchy hit with exciting energy throughout the entire song that remained consistent from start to finish. Black Shawd had substantial wordplay with witty metaphors and striking punchlines that hits harder than an MMA fighter. The high-quality lyrics are just one portion of “Lost In The Sauce” that we enjoyed. The beat had the perfect bass that was deep enough to induce an intense bang on your favorite stereo! Knowing growing up can be difficult, Black Shawd writes music that many people can relate too. “Lost In The Sauce” has introspective songwriting fused with relative themes that the youth and the old will love. Black Shawd is constantly evolving his sound as an artist and his music is a great reflection of this.


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