Hello world I go by El-G and I’m a big fan of music. I’ve been loving the sounds of music since I was born and I’ve been loving lyrics every since I heard Lil Wayne. The way I came up with my artist name was basically me trying to find something that was simple and that was me. I would hear people say ” why not just use your own name” and I thought about it and decided to just use my initials, but there was a company that was already called “LG” so I remember I always like Spanish language and I thought about it and basically decided to put a E behind the L Making the name “EL” in Spanish that means “the” so I kept the G and just chose to rock with El-G which means The God aka The Ghost. I’m from Washington DC, Northeast Minnesota Ave. The music scene in my hometown started with gogo. I don’t listen to gogo like I use to but it went from gogo to now everybody just wanna rap on a cranking beat. You got people like WillThaRapper, Lightshow, Wale that took things to another level far as our music scene. But I can see the DMV on the rise just like back in the day when Outcast and them was coming up in ATL. The music scene is definitely growing only because we got people from our area actually trying to connect with people, so it’s definitely growing. Then you got people like me that’s gonna change the game and help it grow for the better far as putting on talent instead of popularity.  The main 3 things I need in the studio is my weed for after the studio session is over because I can make music high or sober. Second, is beats headphones so I can zone out and go into another world and third is a couple friends for feedback as I create a masterpiece. The artist that influence my music are first off Lil Wayne because of his metaphors and creativity, T-pain because of his sounds. Eminem because he was just smart as hell, Meek Mill because of his bars. 2 Chainz because of his flow. Drake, partynextdoor, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and oh yeah I can not forget Travis Scott & Kanye West and Future.  My current single that I’m promoting is FOCUS PRODUCED BY MALCOM GROSS. My thought process making the song was just me thinkin of the greatest Melondy I can think of.. my mind goes off when I hear that certain sound.. but all I can think about is the delivery of Travis Scott but in my own way. If I could work with any rapper or producer it would definitely be Lil Wayne and Mike Will Made-It Maybe Pierre Bourne. It only takes me a hour just to actually make a song, want impossible give me a hour in 30mins. I’m currently on a Local2Global Tour and I’ve just came from A3C weekend which was a a lot of fun.. got connected with a lot of good people out there. The hardest thing I can say happen to me was when this guy that goes by Markell Clay took advantage of me by Making me think I had a ft with future. The bad thing about it he had the blue check on his twitter so I felt like it was true. He took $500 from me and I can’t lie it hurt me because that was money for my mixtape to drop and more but I kept going. My fans love my music everything I put out they love it. DJs just knew I was different so when they heard me they always try to get me hip to the next big show that’s in town or might even be for radio play. Yes, I agree that streaming and sales helped me make money but there’s so much hate in my area that people over look talent and sales would sometimes go to popularity. Five songs on my playlist are: “Hot” by Young thug & gunna.. “Grass Valley” by Money Man“Shinedelier” by Tigo B“100 racks” by offset & Playboi Carti Shout Out Playboi Carti “Top” prod Pierre Bourne. My plans for 2020 are basically me going to the next level. I plan on dropping my Third tape which will be called “GHOSTWORLD” Produced by: FREEMINERADIO which should be dropping January 20/20. I’m connected with upcoming events in my area and trying my best to stay in the studio every week.

My advice for upcoming artist is don’t tell nobody what you doing and to stay humble and focus because you will come across people who doubt you but secretly know you’ll make it. Don’t let nobody tell you not to do something you wanna do because it might only work for you. I just wanna say the grind will not stop and shout out all my family and friends who not only supported me but stayed down no matter what my situation was.. Shout out to my mom she is the MVP for raising a star even though she didn’t know it. Links to my music below  ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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