Quezzboi born in North Charleston, South Carolina was raised in a big family. The words of the Lord and the importance of being humble is nothing new to him. Although through life Quezzboi notice that even family could stray away from loyalty, he focused on being a positive role model. From the street activities, to the lady problems, to his falls and rises Quezzboi focused it all on his music. A pen and pad became his best friend. His passion for the music started around age 12, and ever since then he just couldn't seem to put the pen down. Through all the scams, haters and the run a rounds, Quezzboi just couldn't give up. Going from a group to a solo artist by age 18, Quezzboi was left with two choices grind or give up. So what do you think he did? Now at age twenty five, Quezzboi has moved to Atlanta, Georgia. With his first promotion tape "Killing the Internet". While working on his next mix tape "The Dog in Me" directed mainly to the females. This young artist is putting in a lot of work and making moves and connection fast. From videos being lined up to the start of selling out shows, Quezzboi is a walking example of southern comfort. Quezzboi dreams of one day being one of the biggest inspirations and role model to many young men around the world. Teaching them to love and help one another rather than to hate and destroy one another. Whether it's through music or him as a regular human being, Quezzboi is the start of a new generation. While connecting with people's everyday emotion through music. Quezzboi is sure he has a major purpose for the music industry. In his words, "A voice doesn't mean anything until it has been heard, so let mines flow like the wind."


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